26th - 29th April , 2020, NSIC Ground, Rajkot, Gujarat-360003 , India

About Radeecal Communications

Radeecal Communications was formulated with an aim to be a world’s best and most successful exhibition organizers. Since its inception Radeecal communications has been regularly year after year emerged as the most successful exhibition organizers. Experiencing our successful deliverance the exhibitors and visitors now expect a world-class event every year. We do our best to cultivate that level of deliverance. The main and clear objective of any business is the customer satisfaction and at Radeecal communications we assure of unmatched value for their time and money spent at all our events. Our team of expert operational staff is known for delivering reliable outcomes consistently. Exhibitors, sponsors, visitors and with the support of our team we provide an assortment of creative ideas and make use of the latest trends and styles to successfully meet your demand at any scale that too in a reasonable budget

The repertoire of Radeecal communications events not only includes exhibitions, trade shows but also the seminars and conferences, on various industries such as DAIRY, LIVESTOCK, AGRI AND AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGIES, POULTRY SECTOR, GRAIN AND GRAIN ELITE INDUSTRIES, WOOD AND WOOD WORKING INDUSTRY, NON-WOVEN, PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGIES & ALSO ON LOGISTICS PROVIDER.

  • OUR METHODOLOGY Our methodology for the outlining and exertion of communication exercises with our customers is based on Structured Communication Strategies. We portray up detailed plans that include the essential elements that is requisite for an Exhibition/Event. Each of these aspects is defined in terms of goals to be achieved, in terms of quality and is implemented in a specific time frame to ensure 100% effective communication and promotion and by this we keep the audience of the Campaign in focus, in tandem with the communication goals to be achieved.
  • CODE OF ETHICSHonesty and Integrity are always at the forefront of our services, and we provide our participants with a symbol that indicates this level of commitment. The success of our participants is important and we hope to contribute to that success by promoting that commitment to excellence.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHYAt Radeecal Communications, we strictly believe and implement that maximizing value is not only an individual’s task, or the management’s prerogative, but is a collective responsibility of all those who are a part of the system. Clarity of goals, well defined job roles and timely dissemination of information at all hierarchical levels ensure the desired output. At Radeecal Communications we treat goals as dynamic and ever changing and clearly foresee room for improvement. For us, improvement is a perpetual process, and is to be achieved against all odds, at all times.

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